on being a distant londoner

whoop whoop is that another post in february??? what is wrong with me...

i'm working on another ballet costume review post, from 'the corsair' this time. this is coming in about a weeks time, i don't have the info with me here.
where is here you might ask, or not, i wouldn't.

surprise, surprise i'm in london again and thought since this time i seem to think a lot more i might as well write about it here. there will be photos! (imagine that in some cheap word art)

today's views

ok so this was written on freaking thursday! i'm so bad at this. but now i need to finish this because i told my uk friends in real life (i know, i have a life!) that i'll finish it soon. here is the rest of my beautiful monologue.

i'm currently at the stansted airport, sitting with my paper cup that i emptied during the 20 minutes i was trying to connect to my wifi. that's such a #firstworldproblem but i'm just that wanna-be western. i officially left london on about 6 am but i feel like the goodbye should be my point.

you see, yesterday when i was on a very long walking (and then some more walking) day i realised something. i need this time alone. i need it like water. only when i have a 'good day' in london i actually feel well. like i belong. 
i could walk around this city forever. and i did. first i went to all my favourite places and then just wandered around. i know, sounds so dreamy but when you think about it carefully it seems awful. all day of walking with a abnormally heavy bag (i carry a full set of watercolours for some reason) without even reaching the desired destination. but i don't really care. is that a londoner thing?

no, it probably isn't. 'the natives' take the tube just to get about 200 meters down the street. they get really angry at slow-walking people (i can see the point, they are so annoying!) and they generally hate kids and the rush hours. they hate being stuck in a traffic jam on oxford street any time of the day, they hate waiting for the tube more than 2 minutes and they hate... well ok, they don't hate everything but you get the point. 

then i'm a distant londoner. i feel so good in this city, and i don't even know why. i love the uk in general (great music, great actors, great accents) but i can't place that one thing that keeps me going back to the capital (it's my 10th time, *celebrate plays in the background*).

in my favourite seat on the bus (upper deck, right at the front on the right aisle seat) i feel in my calm, safe and happy place.

one of my friends (ami) asked me how am i not sceared to come here all alone (we're 17), so many times for about 3 years. that just it.

congrats if you got in this far, here is your reward:
i invite you to my happy place

that's enough for now. i'll see you in a bit...


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