how are you, my dear reader? good? i just really wanted to chat to somebody (aka the abyss of the internet) so i thought this is the right place.
the new year has been quite good for me so far, i've done quite a lot of drawings and other interesting things, mostly diy. my obsession with postal services continues so i discovered a way to make my own custom envelopes, let me know if you want a post on how to make them. oh and they make use of your old calendars with cool photos you don't have the heart to throw out.

also, i'm going to london in a month!
i don't know why but this time i'm like extra excited, i feel like i'm going for the first time. ok, maybe not the first first but i feel like something new. maybe cause i'm going to stay at a different hotel than usual or that i just bought a new, smaller suitcase? btw does anybody of you know how to make a stop motion? i get the photos part but how do you put it nicely together?

speaking of london, i just found out (by searching the fashion week, just missing it by a day, bummer) a  fashion event going on then. it's called london future fashion and from what i know it's like a show and tell, some meetings and stalls promoting the newest things in the industry.
sound nice? here's the website if you want: http://www.ldnfuturefashion.moonfruit.co.uk/home/4580490771
i'm really considering buying a ticket, i just need to try to get my friends to go with me ;]

how are you, any plans for the winter break?



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