the hat of fabulousness

 how is the raven like a writing desk?

so halloween happened. this year i actually prepared, and since i go to an art school now i decided to dress up! characterisation and style course requires commitment. 

alice in wonderland is one of my favourite books. i absolutely love the old story but tim burton's remake was really cool as well. i love all the cgi work in it, and johnny depp did a great job with his mad hatter.

my take on this classy and crazy english gentleman obsessed with tea was focused on taking both characters and blending them into a colourful mix. that sounds a bit morbid but i think it turned out pretty good.

 hat - handmade (do you want a tutorial?)
shirt - asos
jacket - thrifted, beyond retro
trousers - marks & spencers

make up:
(when i took it of in the evening,
 i basically thought that my eyes stopped existing)

 lipstick - revlon 'black cherry'
 hat scarf - thrifted
neck scarf - marni for h&m
 rings (from left) - antique shop, topshop, zara, my mom
 shoes - doc martens
socks - marks & spencers

and here are some photos where my crazy just gets out:

 i disapprove of this pocket watch

i'm no longer ginger so it kinda doesn't look as crazy as it could've but i still love it. btw, do you like my  new hair colour? it's gonna go bit colder toned in a bit.

it suits my beauty type, but on this some other day.

i'm so excited to dress up, even if halloween is not as widely celebrated here. plus the mad hatter is a bit more original than a zombie or mickey mouse, i think.

what were you this halloween? i wanna see!!

thank you for the photos:
great job :]

love you,


p.s. if you want to know anything more, like nail polish or something, ask away!

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