here i am again.
after the hiatus, which at first wasn't quite a conscious decision, then became one.
and now i'm back, still putting periods after each thought.

for a good start let me begin by recapping the more interesting parts of my summer. in august i went to london (wow shocker, i know) and stayed there for a week.

here is some photo evidence:

i also bought a diana f+.
and i didn't bring my big digital dslr, so this is the best i can show you. btw i absolutely love them, even more then the ones form my nikon, just for the record.

these ones are just from london, most by night because i'm just that kind of person. a lot of long/double exposure for the most part cause i love the way it looks. 
the smaller ones are from a fujifilm instax mini. i got one in june and finally my dream of having a 'polaroid like' camera came true! i <3 it!

my last day in london i actually spent in brighton. i haven't seen the sea in like 4 years and i just felt like i needed it.

 i think this one is my favourite, it perfectly captures that day and the essence of summer, right?

and this one looks so retro that you can't deny loving it.

the only bad thing is that silly little me decided that her alabaster skin on bare legs won't need sunscreen when lying on a beach in blazing sun. in short, i burt my legs to scarlet red, and had to fly with them home. god, the worst flight ever.

do you want to see anything more? like my instagram? it's up there

i really want to post some more outfits here. but i'm a lazy butt and i don't have a full mirror for selfies. but i might get one soon, so what do you say to like a month of posting a short description every other day? yes? no?

yeah, i should probably just post stuff.



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  1. Love the pictures!!! I hope you'll be posting 'your stuff' more frequently now!! ;)


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