the postman

ok. i'm sorry. but now i'm on holiday so it's all good. and i hope i won't procrastinate on this. cause i'm a shitty bloger. are we done here? good.

hi. again. hi.

so... as a starter let me just throw words at you. you ok with that? might be painful, you know, all those comas stuck in your skin, sharp ends of w's and t's. only o's are nice, bouncy little o's.

i'm feeling much better, for all of those of you who care.

i missed my anniversary. again, just like last year. don't worry, the new layout will be done till the end of july, it's the best one yet.

plus things.

i'm going to an arts school in september. today was a shopping day. i went with my sister and it was... scary. i mean... i don't know all the terms, i have no idea how much of what i need to get or how to ask for that. that's where my anxiety kicks in and i'm just paralised. so i just got the basics. i'll probably have to go back there. on my own... oh my god...

this makes me nervous about next year. and i don't know how to paint or draw, when you think about it. i mean... drawing is my thing, but it's not very good and i'm hopeless with any other paints than watercolours. disaster is in the making. me in an arts school doing characterisation and styling. wonderful. i shall document me falling into a pit off eternal despair by the end of the summer, expect some intense footage.

other stuff.

i've been obsessed with mail lately. i mean the real snail-mail thing. if you follow me on instagram or twitter you probably know that but now i'm telling you for sure. actually, through instagram i discovered a wonderful mail-art artist. she's russian, and unfortunately i can't read cyrylic but her art is amazing.
her blog:
and her instagram:

so for now your task is to get mailing. i can even offer you a deal that if you email me (or like send any other way) your address i'll make something fun for you and we can become pen-palls, isn't that cool? no, only me?

if you are interested, here is a cool site:



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