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so in the mood of films and costumes let's go back to my beloved 'great gatsby'. since writing about it last time i saw it once more, this time in 2d. well... it doesn't feel as spectacular as in 3d (you know it was filmed to be in 3d so that's understandable). 
oh and there are some elements that are just too much, all that 'green screen' stuff and dreams literally appearing in the clouds was an absurd. in 2d that's much more visible.

but going away from the general idea, let's discuss daisy buchanan, portrayed by carey mulligan.

as you can see perfectly well even from the posters she's the 'it' girl in this film. i mean, it's pretty obvious, especially if you know the story. and all this 'itness' is shown in her costumes. she's in general a brilliant example of how diverse the 20's really were. hearing 'the roaring twentees' always reminded me of low waist and brilliant head pieces. but when i looked into it more while reading the book and as a preparation for my english classes, i discovered how much more there was to the fashion of that time.

it turns out that people were so amazed by the golden years and the boom, american dream was coming alive, that clothing exploded with many new styles. the dropped waist was definitely a trend but the a shaped dresses were also very big. the evening clothing became very luxurious, with fur and crystals in details. i think that as women in general became more significant in the life of a society, they sort of became more like men (you can see that very clearly from the career of a short haircut at that time), but the again i think that they didn't want to lose themselves in all that 'freedom'.

let's go back to daisy. oh sweet sweet daisy.

i think that a lot of people will disagree with me but my favourite dress of hers wasn't actually the party dress, filled with crystals, but the lavender day-time dress she wore when she was reunited with gatsby.

the lace shows just as much as it should and the frilly arm pieces are very fashionable for that time, you know the whole extenuating your arms thing. her hair is also very nice in that scene, let me just throw that out there. also the significance of the muted violet is very big, she sort of goes through a drastic change right there and then. 

and now the star of her wear, the party dress. this is actually an old prada design, the 'chandelier dress' from the spring/summer 2010 collection. it looks really cool in the party sequence, the light bounces of the crystals in a very pretty sort of rainbowy way but not really. i mean, just pay attention to it. 

the last thing i need to talk about are the headpieces. as you probably know, hair accessories were very in back then and it definitely shows in the costumes. in almost every scene women have something on their head, either a hat, a little pin or a scarf like daisy is rocking below.

i don't really have a lot to say about these. as a person in love with her bowler hats and any other headpieces, i just think that this style can compliment a lot of faces and looks. just try a hat for a change, i feel like not enough girls (or even guys for that matter) pay attention to headdress and many possibilities a hat gives.

hope you enjoyed that, 
let me know what you think about daisy's wardrobe.

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ps. photos not mine, obvs

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