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as always summer brings us to those fabulous sales in all those shops we won't even go near in the season cause the prices are just so big. i'm going to write about zara. well, it's not one of those hyper-expencive shops but still, i usually go to h&m (btw my mum was doing a big clean-up of all her clothes and she realised that about 3/4 of our clothes are from there, crazy). i go there cause i'm from the kind of girls that is not sky-high and paper thin. i wish i was because some of the styles there are really nice, i especially love the patterns they come up with each year. but, since the smaller sizes don't fit me and there are a lot less clothes in bigger ones, i usually don't bother during the season cause they disappear from the shelves instantly. 
however sales are much different. i noticed that zara does this thing that in the summer the bust out some hidden bigger sizes of autumn/winter collections and just hang them on the sales rack.
then, excuse my language, i'm all up in this shit.

this year i found some really nice things actually. i loved the faux leather and black and burgundy trends this winter and zara had a really nice selection.

let's begin with this piece.
it is a sort of a very thin grey sweater, you can see a lot through that. i would never even look at it since i'm not a big fan of see-through but it has these really cool black faux leather shoulder panels. love those.
and i already have an idea for an outfit of the day with that, but it's so hot here (32 degrees celsius) that i can't even think about wearing something with a long sleeve, even for a photo.

the next piece is actually the very first one that caught my eye. as you know i freaking love foxes and colours, so i was sold on that top. 
it's pure linen which means that it's perfect for the heat wave. you literally feel like you have a self-fanning material on. it's mostly white with this very colourful dart pattern.
yes, i do realise that these are not foxes, but from a distance they sort of look like ones plus i love them anyway.

the last piece i picked up in the sales was this jumper (yes, jumper obsession continues, even in the heat of summer).
it's a very thick, oversized black cotton jumper, has a really good weight to it. it comes to just my hips so i'll probably wear it with some high-waisted skinny jeans.
it also has these white panels on the sleeves. looks like this when it's on.
i know, it doesn't look like much, but it was the back that got me hooked.

look it has buttons all the way down!
ok ok... i'm the only one who likes random buttons? really?

never mind, i saved the best for last. 
i finally got the zara city bag! the bag that like every blogger has! 
it wasn't in the sale... so much money on a bag, it's not even leather.

but i feel like it was worth it. 
i feel like i said enough for this post. but then again i want to say more about the bag, to do it justice i'll have to write a little more about it. expect a post, soonish (i want to finish the great gatsby first)

what did you buy on the summer sale? anything super cool?

let me know!



ps. i'm listening to a lot of muse, hence the title. have a nice day ;]

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