crying heart

there are some songs that always make me cry, no matter what. one of them is people help the people by birdy. i know it by heart, and every word feels like it's written on it with a sharp pen, like in harry potter. i hum the words along the song whenever it plays. i try to practise feeling emotions, i know it sounds weird but bear with me. so i cry a little everywhere cause my shuffle is heartless.
the other one is ┼╝wir by maria peszek. she's a polish artist so the very meaningful words are not understandable to everyone, just so you know. the music itself is also very moving. recently it became one of my anthems, i don't feel alright.
but the fact that this makes me feel sad so much and every time makes me calm. you know, that one thing that stays. and this makes me happy. the fact that i can have that. just a monday night reflection.

in other news. i'm designing a new layout, it deserves a revamp. i just can't decide on the font on the banner yet. any suggestions? oh and i'm writing the other posts for gatsby, let's hope i'll finish them soon.

oh and do you like snail mail? pen pals, mail art and such?



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