the great gatsby

so let's begin.
i had this promise i'll read the book first. i mean the original. i fail at that a lot of the time (cloud atlas, the hobbit and almost any film i saw based on a book). but now i was very set on the idea and did it. kinda. i read it the day it came out here, loved the book. even though it was kind of dragging sometimes, especially in the end, i really liked it. i liked it so much i even started reading a story about zelda fitzgerald, scott's wife, who inspired him. i mean not for this book (although i think that their story is a bit similar to daisy and jay's) but in general and later. anyway... where was i...
oh yeah...

the story
i hope you sort of know what's going on there, if not there are better sources for that then me (and i recommend the book, it's only like 200 pages long). i don't know, google it. i can give you just a very brief concept.
so there's this guy, nick carroway. he moves to the long island, his neighbour is jay gatsby. nick has a cousin, daisy. she was in love with jay but married another guy, tom. so they all live there and jay wants to renew his relationship with daisy. meanwhile tom has a romance with a married woman. story continues, bunch of things happen. we know the story from nick's point of view, it's like he's the writer. jay is madly in love with daisy, he wants her to leave tom and come live with him, get married in her hometown blah blah blah. to impress her he throws these famous big parties in his house. they're spectacular, especially in the film.
spoiler alert!
jay eventually dies, nobody comes to his funeral, turns out jay was only posing as this rich man, nick is depressed. daisy stays with tom, his romance ends tragically.
spoiler alert over!

the book is very thoughtful and gives a fresh perspective on some things, especially the classics in general, at least from me. i was sort of tired of all these good endings and 'and they lived happily ever after' which happens in most modern books, at least in those that i read.

anyway, the 'book side' of this is maybe for another time.
let's talk costume!
(as i think of it now, i'll probably do a series, this is real and to long for a one post. i'm thinking gatsby, tom, nick one post, daisy one and the rest one. good?)

the costumes in general were designed by catherine martin, baz luhrmann's wife and a great production designer. she won two oscars for moulin rouge, one of the most beautiful films (in the visual sense) i have ever seen. she collaborated with miuccia prada, making 40 pieces from her past collections into more roaring twenties looks.

i love the twenties in general, want to know why? let me know!

till next time (probably this week)



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you're welcome

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