oh my god. it happened again. no, not the hangover version but my one.
i'm the worst blogger i know, granted i don't know many but still the crown of procrastination goes to my lazy head. 
if it makes you feel any better i failed a lot of things not only posting on my blog 'regularly'. time just fly's so fast!

this time i won't promise i'll be better. cause i fail a lot. 
this time i'm just gonna do it.

so... hi

as for news, london happened.
i miss it, i miss kat, i miss melissa and i miss jake (we have to meet). and i miss piccadilly waterstones, and tate modern and v&a. and lush and even boots. come on, why can't i live there!?

also... my fascination with costumes continues with anna karenina (the new one) and the great gatsby (in cinemas right now). posts coming up.

what else... i got some stuff maybe i'll show you that (you want to see my stuff??)

and i'm on a book ban :(

that's that for now,
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love you lots,


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