y or n?

you it's about time to write a post when after typing i into your browser instead of your blog it goes to imdb and ben whishaw (my latest obsession). and you sit more on youtube than on tumblr.
i'm gonna improve i promise.

so... what do you think about going into costume design? my craze with actors and skyfall/cloud atlas resulted in eager searches at 5 am for q's cardigan or his tie.
and i came across this great blog, hello, tailor. she reviews costumes from tv shows and films. she even discussed the cardigan (yes, i want it. i want it so badly. h&m prepare for an attack. you too, second-hands).
maybe i could review films like that as well? jacqueline would come out of my magical box of secrets and help me :)
what do you say, yea or nay?

my first would probably be skyfall. cause it's on a loop on my pear now.
should i do the same for the costumes for our school play?

let me know if you want. you don't have to but it would be super nice of you :)

take care,



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