crochet and polka dots

soo... as a warm-up for the future...

i have a very small haul for you.
a thing i've never done here, ever. but i just wanted to ok? like something new.

so, today was the day. it finally got warmer than 2 degrees and i started thinking about spring. my most recent obsession and pretty much a must-have for any season are collar, especially shirts and dresses. i adore the look of those with my uber present sweaters and zipped hoodies. the only problem is that when you have a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie and it start to get warm, it's just not pretty. 

now thanks to the wonderful h&m i found a perfect solution - no sleeve shirts.
they're just as cool but they keep you cool (see what i did there? :])

yesterday i bought these two, but i plan to search for some other colours and prints cause i absolutely love these.

the first one is cream crochet with some brown buttons
(i must warn you, it's pretty see-through, not everything but the contour shows through.
a flesh coloured lingerie is advised)

the other one is a very pretty plumy colour with cream polka dots scattered all over.
the buttons are sort of a pearly material i guess.

they are now in the l.o.g.g. section in h&m. if you want these, i would advise to go a size higher cause they're a bit tight on the 'lady bits' section.

i'm considering doing a little spring looks series featuring these and many more. 
how do you feel about this?

hope you have a wonderful spring,



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