pratchett's beard

one line and i can be flirty.
one line and i can be seductive.
one line and i can look like a panda.

as a follow up to my last post, i'm gonna talk about makeup. a while ago, i stopped wearing it. i put on only a bit of powder (which rubs of pretty quickly, i touch my face a lot) and i am good to go. it wasn't that much of a shock for me or my mates, my skin is pretty nice and i never wore much makeup. i put it on sometimes, when i want to look pretty or ridiculous (or both at the same time ;]) but for everyday some mascara and lipstick is just fine.

but there is the other side of spectrum of the makeup wearers. the ones that are obsessed with it and pretty much addicted.

i had a friend like that. she wore heavy, black eyeliner and lots of mascara. add that to blush and bronzer plus lipgloss and the image of b. comes to mind. i saw her once without any of that on. and, big surprise, i couldn't even recognise her. 5 years down, completely different woman. i told her that she looked so young and very different. and beautiful. back then i thought that she wore so much makeup only to cover some scars or something. but she just didn't like her face au natural.

makeup gives us the unique chance to fiddle with our appearance without surgeries or changing clothes. you can create a makeup look and feel like a diva in it, dress like a diva and probably be a diva for the night. though that you can cover yourself too. and my question here is, why would you want to do something like that?

why hide behind foundation and eyeshadow?
why hide behind ginger hair and the diva look on your eyes?



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