*where the hell have you been?*
places you don't want to hear about. it was magical at times but mostly it was dark, cold and terrifying. i hope that now i will be back for good.

a lot has happened during my free weeks. the fashion weeks mostly. i was going to do a review of some of the shows transmitted live. but i missed the ones i wanted to watch and it was a disaster in general. plus i'm not sure if anyone apart from me is interested in that kinds of posts. let me know?

i also have some new stuff. lookbook? for wintery spring, which is what it is outside here? anybody?

i had a ton of stuff to tell you. and i wrote the beginning of this post and got distracted for 3 days. so i don't know. if i think of something, follow me on twitter and i'll probably remember at like 3 am and tweet it.

good, i hope i'll see you really soon

sooner than you think....



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