words of fluff, fluff of words

first of all you have no idea what i went through to get this post written and up. i have no power in my house and pear was on like 10% from last night so i was desperate to get to starbucks. and my internet is being a little piece of crap. fortunately the power is probably returning tomorrow so we're saved. for now i just have to deal with no light cold shower (our water is heated electrically) and reading by the candle. that i can manage, i can even suspect i'll enjoy it.

so this is basically a little update post. or something like that, i'm not sure yet, i'm just typing away.

one -  what's up with me?
if you are holding your breath for an answer, i'm sorry, could be long. if you're purple or blue please breath! i'm okay. let's say okay for now. i'll find out more soon, probably. i just feel washed out, with out a sense. but that's not one of your worries for now. i'm not going to stop being creative for the time being so this blog will still exist. (you probably don't care about that, then what are you doing here?)

deux - the here
the here i mean the blog. so i finished 'the other side of patchwork' project series thing. did you enjoy it? please, please give me feedback. i know there has to be someone reading this blog. just type yes or no. i need that cause i have a new idea, this time for a whole collection but without making the pieces. it would be a lot of work and i don't really have the skills to make something more than basics. the other thing that the posts with costume drawings are going to return. this year we are playing out our own play, and again i'm in charge of the costumes. i like it. also i've been thinking about starting a new tag. opinions or something even less original. these would be ramble posts about my opinions about things that are in fashion but are not exactly fashion. like designers denying some journalists the entry to their shows. or the way the industry sometimes treats new people. something along these lines. i think it would be quite interesting and a nice new thing amongst the drawings and projects. the last thing, i think that for fashion weeks or at least a part of them i want to return to reviewing some fashion shows. do you think it's a good idea?

talk to me people! i just want to post what you want to hear about!
i'll give you a hug and a chocolate chip cookie! or something else if you're allergic!

(yes, i am desperate)

trzy - random fluff
do you think i should get into lomography? first i wanted a polaroid or something similar but the paper cassettes are soo expensive. and not really available for me. so i ventured into the depths of the internet and found the lomography community. and i really like this idea, plus it's much more money-realistic for me. i think that i'll buy a camera but i just wanted to ask what's your point. any suggestions? pros and cons? anything really.

and if you don't have a clue what i'm talking about: if you're not allergic to alternative things: http://www.lomography.com/

i think that's pretty much it.
oh, yeah i'm reading more in english, so proud of myself.





  2. Brilliant ideas as always! I agree with Mari, be creative, you have my support no matter what you will come up with. Just be patient with me, I might not understand what you're talking about ;) xxx

  3. U have my support too. Great idea with Lomo :D:D, which one do U want ?

    1. i was thinking about the classic diana+, since you can get like an extension to go with a normal film.


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