the other side of patchwork #6

or: and so the horror begins.

so my idea for the front and back was to do a bit of finger braking and try making an alternating fabric material panel thing. i actually did this before, but with paper.

let's just go
 so i started with the top strap to join all of the vertical straps. 

then i just went from left to right with the intertwining and cut the access of the right.
as you can see on the left i pinned everything first so it would be easier to glue.
it's even more visible on the back. 
it was a nightmare to glue on the sides. everything was sticky, good thing that the glue doesn't stick instantly. 

i just noticed that the red bird legs pattern is third on both front and back. 

anyway. we've come to an end. 

next post: the epicness of the end!



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