the other side of patchwork #4

stage 4. 
this is mostly second part of making. 
 i glued the skirt. yes, glued. first i had this crazy idea that i'll sew it. but unfortunately i'm not that good of a sewer as i could and should be, so i just used glue. 
it wasn't pleasant all the time but the satisfying feeling of peeling off the second skin it gives you by the end of the day, the best.

and it's definitely very handy with all the straps and this up and down thing.
 here you can see almost all of the fabrics cut to 3 cm pieces. they weren't long enough for the whole dress but i had some other ones from ikea, they saved it.
before glueing anything down i wanted to pin it and see how it looks. as you can see looks pretty weird but it's all a part of the concept. also, i had some problems with the back bit. the straps weren't in the right places but i just used another piece to cover it up and connect to the side panels.
looks alright and it works.

tomorrow, prepare for some intense glueing action. it was a nightmare but it was soo worth it!



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