the other side of patchwork #3

haha! promise kept... kinda

so today, let's go to more practical stuff. i really like this stage, because you can actually see how the drawings are coming to life.
 first, i took a couple of pins and draped some cotton fabric around kuna, my mannequin. [yes, i named my mannequin, we're best friends]. i chose this colour cause the lining is usually white or light at least. and this is oxblood, i guess. it really makes the rest of the colours pop. plus it looks cool on the final project ;)
the back pinning up close

next step was to make the side panels.
i pinned the raw cotton i have for that kind of work and marked a template for each panel.
then i pinned it to the rest of the fabric and cut it out twice.
 last step for now, attached it to kuna.
and probably cutting of the access fabric from the skirt.
it falls just on/below the knee so it is all fine.

i used so many pins for that. oh god. 
but i managed to stab myself only twice! no blood on the dress!

as i'm looking at these photos now, it looks really weird. but it is beautiful when finished, promise! well... i really like it. can't wait to show you.

oh yeah and i discovered a very weird fact... one direction has my christmas jumper O.o

hope you enjoyed,

till the part 4.



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