the other side of patchwork #2

hello, i'm so bad at this.
let's move on to the second step.
at first i wanted to draw many different pieces and then work my way to the final project. but i screwed up the drawings. i just have to work on that, ok?
but i had a fixed idea of the techniques i want to use in the dress, and surely i knew that it will be a dress so it was ok, right?

originally, i wanted to make them in colour but it was just a complete disaster. 
because you know, doing different patterns and doing this thing... up and down thing. 
i don't know how to call it. 
looks something like this:
is that it?

so, enjoy. and stuff.

see you tomorrow, promise.



oh and btw, this is my 200th post. never been that far into anything [stop]. good.

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