the other side of patchwork #1

aloha, how exotic of me. 
if you follow me on twitter or instagram (links up there ), you know that recently, like two days ago i finished my product for the personal project. it was probably the quickest production ever, but i really enjoyed it and i'm very proud of the result. as i didn't blog that much about it, i thought that i could sort out all of the pictures, think about the order of my stuff etc. 

essentially what i want to say is that this post begins a 2 week long series titled ,,the other side of patchwork''.
about once for 2-3 days i'm gonna post a new set of pictures and description concerning the next stage of designing and making a patchwork dress. it'll finish with a full photo shoot of the dress and the rest of my graded crap.
hope you'll enjoy it.

so here we go!

this is my basic mess. probably all of my projects start like this - a pile of cut-outs and print-outs. maybe some drawings. 

i really like working in collages and for this project it seemed so fitting that i just had to do my mood board, colour palette and other stuff like that.
after glueing all the pieces together and adding a few of my random colours and fabric, i guess, i started taking care of the actual fabrics.

i had some of them with really nice prints from the v&a collection. it's just cotton but the prints are amazing (they are in the middle, the small stack). some of my pieces were from a fabric shop near me. they are really cool to, you'll see in the next post with more details. the only downside is that they're a bit of money. but i guess a good pp is worth it. last variety of fabrics comes from... brace yourselves... ikea. i bet you didn't expect that, ha! it's really weird, some of them are just for curtains or something like that but they look really cool on the dress too!
i especially love this eye one.
out of them i created sort of a fabrics board. these are final inspirations and the samples of each fabric that i used.

that's it for tonight, let me know if you liked it.

see you on friday,



btw: do you want to know what i got for christmas and all that jazz? 
and yeah, at some point i'll show you the actual drawings from the final days of the course, because i'm such a noob i didn't post them earlier. welcome to the worst blog of the day :)

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