let me entertain you with my newzezz.

i got a fringe, but i'm getting it 'improved' tomorrow. it just needs a bit more to it. i also did some cleaning up.  my usual creative mess was getting out of hand.
other things. there are some polish models in the new british vogue. cool.

so as you probably know from my last post, i'm working on a new 'collection'. i'm saying 'collection' because i'm doing only drawings. sad but i have to deal with that for now.

i call it retrosection. it's like coming into a antique shop from a jumble sale.
it was quite hard to find some good photos for inspiration.

let me know if you want to see the mood boards and all that stuff.
these are actually first three drawings. i don't know if they'll make it into the final but they sum up my inspirations quite well. 

and yeah, that thing on her head on the right is a riding cap. well a hat that looks like one. 
i just can't draw that en face.

let me know what you think about the sketches. i'm actually quite pleased with them. they took three hours (went by quickly with radio 1 and dan and phil) but i feel good about showing them to you.

btw this is my new drawing pad, thanks grandma.

and how is your life?

love you as always,


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  1. http://www.djbobbytrends.com/blog/pics-who-knew-adolf-hitler-was-such-a-fashionista/

    The first one on the left. Lol :D


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