why i don't have any money?
or rather
why are there so many pretty thing to buy?!


lately i've been embracing my inner parisienne. which is a bit unusual considering the fact that i want to be british all the time... weird.
i sort of lost a bit of my retro inspiration, quite literally (i lost my photos, been a bit too enthusiastic about my cleaning) but now i found it. expect more, maybe even tomorrow.

other things in my life include a struggle with my bloody education, a constant mess in my inner things and a self-confidence drought. nothing major. don't you worry.

see you tomorrow,





let me entertain you with my newzezz.

i got a fringe, but i'm getting it 'improved' tomorrow. it just needs a bit more to it. i also did some cleaning up.  my usual creative mess was getting out of hand.
other things. there are some polish models in the new british vogue. cool.

so as you probably know from my last post, i'm working on a new 'collection'. i'm saying 'collection' because i'm doing only drawings. sad but i have to deal with that for now.

i call it retrosection. it's like coming into a antique shop from a jumble sale.
it was quite hard to find some good photos for inspiration.

let me know if you want to see the mood boards and all that stuff.
these are actually first three drawings. i don't know if they'll make it into the final but they sum up my inspirations quite well. 

and yeah, that thing on her head on the right is a riding cap. well a hat that looks like one. 
i just can't draw that en face.

let me know what you think about the sketches. i'm actually quite pleased with them. they took three hours (went by quickly with radio 1 and dan and phil) but i feel good about showing them to you.

btw this is my new drawing pad, thanks grandma.

and how is your life?

love you as always,



words of fluff, fluff of words

first of all you have no idea what i went through to get this post written and up. i have no power in my house and pear was on like 10% from last night so i was desperate to get to starbucks. and my internet is being a little piece of crap. fortunately the power is probably returning tomorrow so we're saved. for now i just have to deal with no light cold shower (our water is heated electrically) and reading by the candle. that i can manage, i can even suspect i'll enjoy it.

so this is basically a little update post. or something like that, i'm not sure yet, i'm just typing away.

one -  what's up with me?
if you are holding your breath for an answer, i'm sorry, could be long. if you're purple or blue please breath! i'm okay. let's say okay for now. i'll find out more soon, probably. i just feel washed out, with out a sense. but that's not one of your worries for now. i'm not going to stop being creative for the time being so this blog will still exist. (you probably don't care about that, then what are you doing here?)

deux - the here
the here i mean the blog. so i finished 'the other side of patchwork' project series thing. did you enjoy it? please, please give me feedback. i know there has to be someone reading this blog. just type yes or no. i need that cause i have a new idea, this time for a whole collection but without making the pieces. it would be a lot of work and i don't really have the skills to make something more than basics. the other thing that the posts with costume drawings are going to return. this year we are playing out our own play, and again i'm in charge of the costumes. i like it. also i've been thinking about starting a new tag. opinions or something even less original. these would be ramble posts about my opinions about things that are in fashion but are not exactly fashion. like designers denying some journalists the entry to their shows. or the way the industry sometimes treats new people. something along these lines. i think it would be quite interesting and a nice new thing amongst the drawings and projects. the last thing, i think that for fashion weeks or at least a part of them i want to return to reviewing some fashion shows. do you think it's a good idea?

talk to me people! i just want to post what you want to hear about!
i'll give you a hug and a chocolate chip cookie! or something else if you're allergic!

(yes, i am desperate)

trzy - random fluff
do you think i should get into lomography? first i wanted a polaroid or something similar but the paper cassettes are soo expensive. and not really available for me. so i ventured into the depths of the internet and found the lomography community. and i really like this idea, plus it's much more money-realistic for me. i think that i'll buy a camera but i just wanted to ask what's your point. any suggestions? pros and cons? anything really.

and if you don't have a clue what i'm talking about: if you're not allergic to alternative things: http://www.lomography.com/

i think that's pretty much it.
oh, yeah i'm reading more in english, so proud of myself.




the other side of patchwork #7

or: finished!

and now everybody whoop! whoop!

hope you enjoyed, let me know.

if you want some more info catch me on twitter.

or tumblr actually. i'm having an open hour now :) you are welcomed




the other side of patchwork #6

or: and so the horror begins.

so my idea for the front and back was to do a bit of finger braking and try making an alternating fabric material panel thing. i actually did this before, but with paper.

let's just go
 so i started with the top strap to join all of the vertical straps. 

then i just went from left to right with the intertwining and cut the access of the right.
as you can see on the left i pinned everything first so it would be easier to glue.
it's even more visible on the back. 
it was a nightmare to glue on the sides. everything was sticky, good thing that the glue doesn't stick instantly. 

i just noticed that the red bird legs pattern is third on both front and back. 

anyway. we've come to an end. 

next post: the epicness of the end!




the other side of patchwork #5

oh my god... 5th and we're like almost there.

morning. the point today was to make the straps of the dress. i thought it would be more difficult but thank god to all these pins i had. a real saviour.
i glued two straps together to make them stronger and it looked way better that way. the dress was supposed to be quite loose so the strings are not fitted to the mannequin.

the back was harder because i had to join more straps. the side panels weren't rectangular so there were these holes on the bottom. i sealed them with additional straps so it looked like this.
now we're coming to the interesting bit. the front and back panels. it was quite a challenge.
but more on that next time.


the most precious 1.3 kilograms in my life are gone.


the other side of patchwork #4

stage 4. 
this is mostly second part of making. 
 i glued the skirt. yes, glued. first i had this crazy idea that i'll sew it. but unfortunately i'm not that good of a sewer as i could and should be, so i just used glue. 
it wasn't pleasant all the time but the satisfying feeling of peeling off the second skin it gives you by the end of the day, the best.

and it's definitely very handy with all the straps and this up and down thing.
 here you can see almost all of the fabrics cut to 3 cm pieces. they weren't long enough for the whole dress but i had some other ones from ikea, they saved it.
before glueing anything down i wanted to pin it and see how it looks. as you can see looks pretty weird but it's all a part of the concept. also, i had some problems with the back bit. the straps weren't in the right places but i just used another piece to cover it up and connect to the side panels.
looks alright and it works.

tomorrow, prepare for some intense glueing action. it was a nightmare but it was soo worth it!




the other side of patchwork #3

haha! promise kept... kinda

so today, let's go to more practical stuff. i really like this stage, because you can actually see how the drawings are coming to life.
 first, i took a couple of pins and draped some cotton fabric around kuna, my mannequin. [yes, i named my mannequin, we're best friends]. i chose this colour cause the lining is usually white or light at least. and this is oxblood, i guess. it really makes the rest of the colours pop. plus it looks cool on the final project ;)
the back pinning up close

next step was to make the side panels.
i pinned the raw cotton i have for that kind of work and marked a template for each panel.
then i pinned it to the rest of the fabric and cut it out twice.
 last step for now, attached it to kuna.
and probably cutting of the access fabric from the skirt.
it falls just on/below the knee so it is all fine.

i used so many pins for that. oh god. 
but i managed to stab myself only twice! no blood on the dress!

as i'm looking at these photos now, it looks really weird. but it is beautiful when finished, promise! well... i really like it. can't wait to show you.

oh yeah and i discovered a very weird fact... one direction has my christmas jumper O.o

hope you enjoyed,

till the part 4.




the other side of patchwork #2

hello, i'm so bad at this.
let's move on to the second step.
at first i wanted to draw many different pieces and then work my way to the final project. but i screwed up the drawings. i just have to work on that, ok?
but i had a fixed idea of the techniques i want to use in the dress, and surely i knew that it will be a dress so it was ok, right?

originally, i wanted to make them in colour but it was just a complete disaster. 
because you know, doing different patterns and doing this thing... up and down thing. 
i don't know how to call it. 
looks something like this:
is that it?

so, enjoy. and stuff.

see you tomorrow, promise.



oh and btw, this is my 200th post. never been that far into anything [stop]. good.


the other side of patchwork #1

aloha, how exotic of me. 
if you follow me on twitter or instagram (links up there ), you know that recently, like two days ago i finished my product for the personal project. it was probably the quickest production ever, but i really enjoyed it and i'm very proud of the result. as i didn't blog that much about it, i thought that i could sort out all of the pictures, think about the order of my stuff etc. 

essentially what i want to say is that this post begins a 2 week long series titled ,,the other side of patchwork''.
about once for 2-3 days i'm gonna post a new set of pictures and description concerning the next stage of designing and making a patchwork dress. it'll finish with a full photo shoot of the dress and the rest of my graded crap.
hope you'll enjoy it.

so here we go!

this is my basic mess. probably all of my projects start like this - a pile of cut-outs and print-outs. maybe some drawings. 

i really like working in collages and for this project it seemed so fitting that i just had to do my mood board, colour palette and other stuff like that.
after glueing all the pieces together and adding a few of my random colours and fabric, i guess, i started taking care of the actual fabrics.

i had some of them with really nice prints from the v&a collection. it's just cotton but the prints are amazing (they are in the middle, the small stack). some of my pieces were from a fabric shop near me. they are really cool to, you'll see in the next post with more details. the only downside is that they're a bit of money. but i guess a good pp is worth it. last variety of fabrics comes from... brace yourselves... ikea. i bet you didn't expect that, ha! it's really weird, some of them are just for curtains or something like that but they look really cool on the dress too!
i especially love this eye one.
out of them i created sort of a fabrics board. these are final inspirations and the samples of each fabric that i used.

that's it for tonight, let me know if you liked it.

see you on friday,



btw: do you want to know what i got for christmas and all that jazz? 
and yeah, at some point i'll show you the actual drawings from the final days of the course, because i'm such a noob i didn't post them earlier. welcome to the worst blog of the day :)