what can you do in a week?

i think that's the first post i've ever dedicated to anyone

i'm sitting in a chair, the hall is packed with people.

'can i sit here?'

'um... yeah, sure. what's your name?'

'i'm jake. but for now i'm apparently benjamin.'

'and what's your name?'


'and you?'

'cat (or is it kat?)'

and onwards goes the conversation.

this is so simple.
sure, sure, sure... costa, camden... sure.

look at us a week later. i would never think that some strangers could become friends in only a week.
now, that i've become the girl with a unpronounceable name again, i share that. now, every time i listen to florence and the machine - working on projects.
farringdon tube station - 9.30 in the morning, going with a massive sketchbook and half-asleep.
camden - just pure greatness, even in the rain (thank you so much for showing me around there!)
and finally
euston -  the station nobody remembers about, nobody knows, but it's the best one :]

thank you soo much. you made my usually single london a bit less lonely :)

i'm gonna miss you so much. in fact, i miss you all already.



btw. jake, you can have that ruler ;]

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