sure, sure, sure...

d. 3.
we had an illustration workshop this morning. it was pretty interesting, i got to explore some new techniques of drawing, including holding your pen like i'm retarded. i'm not, by the way :)
these are the ones i'm most proud of, or the ones that i actually like. it's one of my first tries at that, and i don't think it's all crap (this usually happens). i just need to work on that but these are kinda interesting.

d. 4.
it was like a free day. some research on your own, creating a mood board, working out the colour scheme. that sort of thing. i really enjoy gluing and cutting stuff into my sketchbook. the only problem was that at first i wasn't sure about the theme of extreme climates. but one of the tutors, john, helped me get it all summed up, and it seems to be going quite well.

i'm going to post some more pictures tomorrow. if the world isn't gonna end :) 

i can't believe a week went past so quickly. on friday it's the end of the course, i'm really sad now. i've only just met these guys but i already love them as my friends. i just really hope we're gonna stay in touch, at least me. cause i'm terrible at being friends and keeping it all, wish me luck :)



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