hi, hi, hi.
i've neglected you a bit. and i'm sorry. but i really have a good reason.
as you maybe remember i'm in this thing called ib. and myp.
don't mind them, the point is that i have to do my personal project. well, it should be done a bit by now...
anyway, i obviously picked a fashion related... haven't i already... yeah i did.

so. i actually did something today. i'm really proud of myself, because now, that i have my inspiration done, i can start drawing!
and it didn't take a lot of time so that's good too. i have some pictures, post tomorrow. i'm lying in my bed and i'm just too lazy.

since i got back from london, i've just been so ready and inspired to do stuff. i don't have a clue why but i feel like it's getting better.

good timing there, life. it's the end of the year and now it decided to get better, eh.
just hope 2013 won't be as shitty as 2012.

see you tomorrow,


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