seasonal greetings everybody :] 
that's so lame. and overused. but isn't that what christmas is all about? 
anyway. christmas happened. that's fun, isn't it? 

i got a new sketchbook. watercolours await! 
oh yea, and some books, and sweets, and puzzles, and a homemade jam, and an owl that smells like lavender. lovely ;)

what did you get?

in spirit of christmas i want to give you a brilliant present. it's not material but i hope you enjoy. it's a recommendation. remember my friend melissa from my last post? well, she has a blog. and it's way better than mine, she actually shows some of her works :) so if you want to check that out:

merry christmas or if you don't celebrate, just a wonderful festive and wintery time!

and just one more thing:

since london i've started to use my instagram and twitter more. so if you want to follow me on that:
twitter: @mondaysfashion
instagram: @mondaysfashion

soon i'll post a few outfits. perhaps one for new years, because even though i'm probably not even going outside (i'msoalone) i'll dress up and sit on tumblr all night long. the best.



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