dessert star wars

so i'm now on my course. like not literally right now but in general. today was my second day.
more on that in a second.

d. 1.
i was really early. but it paid off, i got a seat and didn't have to wait for my pass (yeah, i got a student pass, i feel so professional. i even got a student discount in a shop. for a single glue but still). blueberry, she's taking a architecture course, was late. but i've met some new people, they're really nice. but i kinda feel left out, cause i'm like the only one not from there, so it's kinda weird. the course it's interesting. look what i did today:
are these photos fine? cause i don't have my big camera with me so i'm taking them with an old olympus. btw can you see a pattern?

d. 2. 
we saw the valentino exhibition in somerset house! it is really cool, even if it's little. maybe not little but i thought it will be bigger... but still, the dresses are wonderful and you should go. i took some notes and did some sketches for the small collection we have to present to class after this course. 

'future fantasy'

that should be good.

i'm going for the stars war approach, i think. got my newspapers, got my notes.

tomorrow, illustration and king's cross library.

and for the end, do you think i should tell them about this blog? some of them have blogs, but i feel like mine is a bit not really on topic...
what do you think?

btw. instagram is changing their policy, i'm still not sure but i might be deleting my account.

see you tomorrow,


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