remember that thing i wanted to put up around this time last year? as you know, i started but than for a long time i didn't really update it? yeah... it got kinda out of control... now like most of my room is covered with pictures, posters, cut-outs and other crap. but i love it, like a my mind is there. 
let me show you:
this happened in a year. imagine next year...

it's my favourite technique to colour up sketches and also it's a lot of fun. i mostly use watercolour pencils because it's a lot easier on the go and i have a lot of colours :) if you're wondering i'm using koh-i-noor. a pencil, than a small brush and my trusty jar with water and i'm ready to create :)
in the future expect some watercolours regarding my personal project. hope you'll enjoy.

also check out wishwishwish 
she's really cool



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