sidenote: yes, this was supposed to be a rainbow, didn't work.
it's my favourite museum in the whole wide world. at least from those i visited. as you probably know it is a art museum. it not only has a collection of paintings, sculptures and graphics but also a exhibition on theatre, silver, jewellery... most of the arts i think. and the best thing is that this spring i think, might be summer, they finally reopened the fashion exhibition! it is wonderful! the whole room is big and white and filled with the awesomest things out there. if you have the opportunity, go! right now they have their ballgowns exhibition, some of the most legendary dresses ever! there is even one specially made for this occasion. visit them at least once, you won't regret a minute.

i'm talking about the magazine. i personally buy british edition most frequently. when i was younger i thought that it was all ads and that kind of crap but it turns out there is actually some great content in it. they interview a lot of my favourite people and they have a really interesting culture side, like exhibits and shows in london. in december, when i'll be visiting the lovely capital, i'll probably visit some of their propositions. also their photos are amazing for inspirations boards.



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