i want to be one.
the end is coming.




well hello. again. been a while.

let me introduce you to a fantastic artist. i have him on repeat basically all the time.
alt-j - tessellate

just listen, good, now go and save the world.

kidding. don't go yet.

i'm learning how draw 'properly'. it's fun. the lady is nice.

i'm only 9 books away from completing the '2012 50 books challenge', and i'm pretty proud of myself.

i ate so many maltesers that it's unbelievable.

and i want christmas.



ps. the a-z thing is going to end this month, i promise.



like you know, the size. as you know, i love baggy and oversized clothes. and i'm quite... mmm... fluffy as i am so x is a common letter on labels in my wardrobe. many of them are men's and that's even larger (so better :). i like to hide in my clothes and i don't like my body and people looking at it so it's a win-win, right? 




remember that thing i wanted to put up around this time last year? as you know, i started but than for a long time i didn't really update it? yeah... it got kinda out of control... now like most of my room is covered with pictures, posters, cut-outs and other crap. but i love it, like a my mind is there. 
let me show you:
this happened in a year. imagine next year...

it's my favourite technique to colour up sketches and also it's a lot of fun. i mostly use watercolour pencils because it's a lot easier on the go and i have a lot of colours :) if you're wondering i'm using koh-i-noor. a pencil, than a small brush and my trusty jar with water and i'm ready to create :)
in the future expect some watercolours regarding my personal project. hope you'll enjoy.

also check out wishwishwish 
she's really cool





update on the other update:

by not so popular but still demand

now you can reach me on

instagram: @mondaysfashion
[i'll post approximately one photo a day, some ootds maybe]


twitter: @mondaysfashion
[if you tweet me any questions or basically anything, i'll most likely respond there, within a day or so :]

hope you'll like it :)



oh, and w coming soon, gotta take some photos


suspicious eyes.

i have a few questions for you.
since i try to write more, should i get a twitter?
now i have an iphone, so maybe twitter and/or instagram?

 this is really weird...

and also i think that i should end my posts with something more normal that xoxo.





sidenote: yes, this was supposed to be a rainbow, didn't work.
it's my favourite museum in the whole wide world. at least from those i visited. as you probably know it is a art museum. it not only has a collection of paintings, sculptures and graphics but also a exhibition on theatre, silver, jewellery... most of the arts i think. and the best thing is that this spring i think, might be summer, they finally reopened the fashion exhibition! it is wonderful! the whole room is big and white and filled with the awesomest things out there. if you have the opportunity, go! right now they have their ballgowns exhibition, some of the most legendary dresses ever! there is even one specially made for this occasion. visit them at least once, you won't regret a minute.

i'm talking about the magazine. i personally buy british edition most frequently. when i was younger i thought that it was all ads and that kind of crap but it turns out there is actually some great content in it. they interview a lot of my favourite people and they have a really interesting culture side, like exhibits and shows in london. in december, when i'll be visiting the lovely capital, i'll probably visit some of their propositions. also their photos are amazing for inspirations boards.





that's lame, and very stupid but i like it. like... you know, everybody is a part of the whole universe. but also the center of their own little universe. my one is probably the weirdest one you'll ever know. it looks kinda like this letter. and it's located up in the night sky. you know, stars and all that crap i like to talk about.

what is your universe like?





no surprise tumblr
remember the scrapbook post? it's like my online scrapbook, basically.





sketchbooks & scrapbooks
i just love them. like, i'm not really good at this. i just have to practise i guess. but the most amazing thing about this is the looking through your old sketches and scraps collected through the years and it just wonderful. 
i have a good example in my room. remember this wall thing i was talking about in the beginning of this year? now it is full of stories. there is even more on my desk and in pear, my trusty macbook.
i think that i'm going to spend my new years eve on remembering. like a mind scrapbook.



recently i quite suddenly realised something.

as i am 16, my generation suddenly became this generation. i mean, when i was like 10 or 12 i thought that being a 16-17 year old is super mature and you can do so many things, like you don't have to listen to your parents and all that. also, oddly, i thought (and i still do sometimes, why, brain, why?) that between the age of 16 and 17 is like a 5 years long break, that it is like some initiation into the real world. weird, right?

and now i am this age. and all of the people beside me are. i feel a bit confused, to be fair.

my guy friends start to riding cars. and my girl friends start to fall for it.
my guy friends start to look at girls weirdly. and my girl friends start to giggle.
my guy friends start to fall for girls. and my girl friends start to measure guys attractiveness in a scale 1-10.
my guy friends start to have actual real girlfriends. and my girlfriends start to get sad about loneliness and 'whywon'tanybodyloveme?' things...


i mean... maybe i'm a bit childish but i did my homework. i knew that will happen. but... this is weird anyways...

do you agree?



november it is.

how did that happen by the way...
i feel like i should talk to you a little. haven't done that in a long time. just letters... a lot (btw new ones coming soon)
i have a lot of time now. i need to think through and deal with a lot of stuff. so let me just write.

{the most fun part of changing your bed sheets is the jumping with your quilt, surrounded by the smell of laundry day}

one late thing. how was halloween? we don't really celebrate it here but still i was wearing my mad hatter costume all day long. i can post pictures if you want :)

i've been on my tumblr a lot more recently. i like it. thousands of pictures for you to choose from, wonderful images and warming-heart stories. many lovely people, even more amazing blogs. simply spiffing.

today i saw a little winter wonderland. baubles, fake snow, 8 foot tall snow queen, birds with sprinkles in their feathers. even thought i think that november, especially the beginning, is a bit to early to get excited for christmas, i can't help it. it's just so good... and snowy...

my room is currently in the autumn mode. i have little halloween pumpkins as lights. (you remember the broken stars? i'm getting new ones this year!) it looks really cool, but as my room is orange, from the backyard it has to kinda look like the red lights district. yeah... i'm completely crazy...

one more thing. you know about my obsession with jumpers, right? not long time ago i was reorganising my clothes rack a bit (my cousin gave me this shelves thing, so jumpers are there now). i realised that my mania is big, bigger than my wardrobe can handle, i think.

right now i have 26 of them there... and it's almost fully packed. this is like 3/4 of my jumper collection... i may have a problem... yeah... totally crazy, did i mention it?

that is probably it for now. i'll try to get to two posts a week, at least. please be patient.

i'll try to make more of my personal here, if you want to see all the phases, just let me know.

love, (thanks for sticking with me)