i just really like rainbows. the whole light thing just fascinates me. and i'm pro so it's all good :) and my name in queenofrainbow... that kinda matters too, right?

i mean this is pretty obvious. i love to read, this year i'm doing the 50 books challenge. i mostly pick up fiction works but documentaries are really good as well. i can see all these fantastic images and of course inspire from them. not only the words but also the illustrations and the whole design of some books is just so good, i just want to look at it on my shelf. btw i reorganised my bookstand. now i have all of my series together and it all looks really cool. want to see? let me know.

that's it.
i feel lucky today.




take some of this....

get these things:
 to get this :)

i'm so innovative, am i not? 

'i'm too poorly to be entertaining' only cool people understand this...

see you soon,




as you know i quite like to take pictures. that is like the most hipsterish thing ever, but i prefer to take like artistic pictures rather than family events or birthdays. i'm most fascinated by night lights and the christmas decorations in town. on that topic, i can't wait till this christmas because i'm gonna be in london and see all the decorations myself. expect thousands of photos.

i mean all these crazy pictures that seem to move. i absolutely love them. i would love to wear them sometime.

relevant to the psychedelia. pattern design and making is one of the things i'm most interested in the fashion industry, apart from designing clothes, of course. my doodles would make good patterns, wouldn't they? this year i'm making my personal project about patch-working, and i need to design my own patterns so we'll see how that goes :)




besides foxes, deers and forever turtles they are my favourite animals. i doodle a lot of them. last christmas i made a picture of our whole family as owls, it was pretty amazing :). i think i'll do something similar maybe... i pretty much dig most of the thing with them. but mostly jewellery, i've got like hundreds of necklaces and earrings with owls. 
i wear glasses, stay up all night, move quietly, like reading... maybe i was an owl in my previous life? :)
imagine that, i would be the most colourful own in the forrest :P





that's the best part of my life. i'm definitely a night owl, i can stay up for hours, doing something creative. the best ideas ever pop into my head then i'm going to sleep. and even night can be inspiring, think about all the stars you can see in the night sky. sometimes i even wake up at night, especially in winter, just to look as the fresh snow fills the streets and first crazy people get up to work. i even stay up all night if i get into something really hard. it begun 3 years ago, i had problems sleeping and i found out how many amazing things a night brings. 





ok, let's just face something. i'm terrible at sticking to some schedule. not only on the blog... really. so what i'm going to do...

  • try to post at least two posts a week
  • one of them will be an overdue letter
  • not even try, write one post a week!
ok. that's basically it. see you on the next letter (n) 

love you for staying with me,