another obvious if you're here long enough, or you read some of the older posts. i love to draw and i doodle all the time. at math class - constantly. maybe that's why i get such bad grades...? anyway, some interesting examples. last year i managed to plant a whole page of field poppies and the periodic table (like each atom) on chemistry... yeah, i love it. it helps me concentrate and it can be a major inspiration for some cool things. for example the doodles that i drawn on the covers of my notebooks are going to be turned into fabrics for my personal project this year. isn't this great? you can see them here: doodles, doodles... and more doodles.

my advice for today: just get a pen and a little paper and draw carelessly. it's a lot of fun and it helps to develop your brain, especially imagination! just go, go, draw!

see ya,

love you,


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