this one is three-in-one. i couldn't decide on one. 

birds, brights, beauty.

have you ever seen a bird really up close? like really really? have you seen the way the feathers grow and how he cleans them? or the colours of their eyes? for me any bird is the finest creature ever, if i could be an animal i would be a bird, an owl probably. the way they move in the air is just fantastic. even their skeletons are inspiring! 
but i can't stand birds in cages. or stuffed...

as you probably noticed in my ootds that i love bright colours. they make others happy when they look at me and i guess i could say that colour blocking is my favourite trend of all time. i'm trying to incorporate that in to my everyday wear and it seams to be working fine :)

for me designing haute couture fashion is all about being spectacular and beautiful. even though i don't have the looks of a supermodel i love seeing and experiencing beauty all around me. all the little crafts that i do, my mini drawings, pretty colours in my life make my everyday so much more liveable :)

the most beautiful things in life give you the best memories.
and they inspire me.

hope you enjoyed,



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