arboretum picantum

this weekend was international blogger day :) nice one
in case you don't know i'm back at home and i just started school. lovely...

well, this obviously means that it's september (btw probably my favourite month).
and i promised something exciting for this.
i'm gonna pretty much do the beds. well not beds, 'beds'
it's a short for blog everyday in september.
but i'm going to bore you to death with my full of action and drama life in school, oh no.

mine is going to be bit more original.

since this year i'm starting to get my head in to my fashion i want to learn something everyday.
and what's the first thing you learn? the alphabet. see where i'm going with that?

i'm going to present you, day by day, my own fashion alphabet.
isn't that cool?

everyday a different letter and something that is connected to me and the things i do.

the only thing i want to to do is to comment with your special word beginning with this letter. it could be a favourite, meaningful or just funny to say :)

that's about it and let's get started!

love you,


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  1. aaaa! so this is the wait-for-semtember thing. wow. think it was worth waiting. ♥


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