treat tonight

good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

let's get cracking, shall we?
sock choice:
we went to the v&a, finally!
i was so excited about it not only because it is like my favourite museum of all time int he whole wide world, but there is a new thing there!
the thing is the new fashion collection :) the collection and the way it is all done is just brilliant so if you have a chance please go there and see it yourself.

the other thing... there is an extra exhibition celebrating the re-opening of the gallery. and it is the most fantastic thing ever. ballgowns. british creations for special occasions. mcqueen, mccartney, westwood just to name few. there is even a dress designed especially for this exhibition. absolutely magical!

that was yesterday. this post was about to go online when i found out that i lost my ipod. than i remembered that it was in the v&a. so again though the tube and back in the museum hall.
fortunately, the ipod was returned by some very nice human being (and if by any chance you are reading this, i'm forever grateful). when i was coming back through the main door, i saw this:
pretty cool, huh?

today was covent garden and notting hill. socks:
for now, about this, i have just one thing. just go there! now, pick up your shoes and go go go!
sidenote: maggie, we are going there, you have no choice.

more on that later.

good night, ladies and gentleman. hope you enjoyed the show and have a safe journey home.

love you,


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