random house

i'm exhausted. today i've seen sooo many inspirations that my brain couldn't handle it. i'm brain-washed. entirely. 
before any more news, here are my sock choices :)
this is so london :)
like it?
in tate modern i've found the greatest book in fashion-book history. brilliant. and a special magma sketchbook for fashion design. i'm in heaven. i just hope that it'll all fit into my suitcase :P

tomorrow we're going to bath. there is a fashion museum there which has a new exhibition about sport so i'm really excited. 

as to the title - did you know that there is such a house in london as a random house? i've seen it today by an accident and laughed. i'll my house like that :)

that's it for now, i guess.

love you,

xoxo from my beloved bed :)


  1. First of all these last socks <3 my love for them. Second remember about land of stories or i will kill you.

    1. that's the very first thing i bought here :) sock from topshop = the best thing discovered on earth. diamond jubilee line ;)


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