i just have another diy for you. i know it should be fashion related but i don't really care. :)
here is what you are going to need:
plus some thick paper to cut a...
then you just grab some...
and cut the triangles. i've cut a lot more than i needed but used them for a next one. better too many than not enough, eh?
after you cut them, just stick them in your own order onto the ribbon. 
next you just need to fold it and it...
leave it overnight and there you have it.
finished and dried thing:
finial step is to stick it wherever you want.
pretty cool, huh?
for me it just adds a lot more colour and funkiness to my room. and it's always nice to look at something you made yourself. 
even though it's very simple, it's a lot of fun. you can make it in different colours with your friends. 

i think i'll even use something like that to make 'happy birthday' flags in september :)

in other news:
i finished my secret project, and as i probably forgot to mention earlier the effects will be here all september, well at least till my birthday. 

next week i'll be in london, yey!

there is another post in writing, look forward.

love you,


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