hedgehogs and seals

first of all. that's why you're here, isn't it?
and yes, they are hedgehogs and seals. problem? :)
sorry, i should have posted this yesterday but we had major problems with the camera. the filter broke and we had to get it fixed. i was terrified that the lens was broken but i turns out it's alright. thank god, if we were left without the camera i would be very upset, lightly speaking.
anyway. here are the pictures.

as for the news, lots of things happened. this saturday we visited bath, one of my favourite destinations. we've seen the new exhibition in the fashion museum there, and it was absolutely great. if you're around, you really should see it.
it's for the olympics, and it was sportswear and things inspired by it. i found out so many interesting things through the audio guide, i had no clue about them. there was even the 'sleeping-bag' coat from stella mccartney. i really like it.

later, when i come back, i'll try posting some photos.

on sunday we went to the spitalfields market. one of the most wonderful places! go there! so many handcrafted things and so many nice people. i got some photos for my personal project inspirations, it will be great. later i'll show you in an ootd the things i bought there.

speaking of ootd, today i was so proud of my look (even the lady in the shop said that i looked very nice, and she liked the colours) that i decided to make this:
this time the text is on the photos. do you prefer it that way? please, let me know.

that's it i guess. tomorrow - national gallery.

love you,


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