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what i've been up to?
well, the sewing stuff is not really working... i need to sort that out this week.
instead i've been focusing on drawing and art in general a lot more. the creativity from the last post is really working. in the new school year i might start a new post project, mostly about myself. and now i'm preparing things for that. and i'm also working on some print designs which will come in handy for my personal project next year :) everything is coming together. 

but this post is about a scrapbook. as i said somewhere in the past i'm going to london again this summer. this time is with my family, my two lovely cousins. they are probably going to be on some of the pictures later. anyway. the point is that it's their first time (i've been 7 times, love that city soo much). they don't know the things i know. 
i thought that it would be nice to give them that info in a fun way. and its going to stay for the future updates :)

i'm in stage 1 of making my own london scrapbook
if you want to make one as well look down :)

basically, what you are going to need is a lot of information, internet, some artsy stuff to decorate and make it fun and that's it :)
last thing is the actual scrapbook. mine is in a london notebook, isn't it cool? :P
[i know, photos are blurry but i just couldn't be bothered that day]

let me know if you want some updates on this thing.  hope you enjoyed it as much as i did ;)

love you all,


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