how to make a galaxy

this is just a set of photos that i really like from that jagasiaga meeting about a month ago. i really wanted to post it. so here it is:
if you want i can make a sort of tutorial how to do these things. just let me know

i'll make one more post about this, us wearing all of the stuff that we made.

on a side note. it was so much fun! if you can do something like this with your friends. you can all chat, spend some time together and make really great, original clothes as well :)

thank you girls :) again so much fun, looking forward to the next one. next week? i'll inform you ;)

that is about it, till the next time.

love you,


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  1. Of course when Ami is smiling and everything I'm just like oh why she is taking photo better look down on this floor. You should hide me behind some cute photo of cat or dancing turtle... But still proud of you that after month you find the strength to make a post about this whole galaxy thing.


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