best end of the day:
yey for tumblr. i kind of like it at the moment. yeah foxy dreams all the way.

and it's raining again. the weird part is that i can see a clear sky through white clouds. sun is shining and rain looks like diamonds in the light. expect a rainbow.

i just want to tell you one awesome thing. i recently discovered an interesting technique to increasing your creativity. you have a calendar and some stuff to do. for example i should be learning english every day, for at least one hour. i have that written on my board and if i do that each day i can make a mark on this day. the point is that you don't want to miss any days, don't break the chain. in addition you can make some goals, like if you have that many marks you can get a new book or something like that. 

isn't this a good method?
it works for me at least. 

these are my calendars:
at art you can see my fingers pushing the paper to the scanner :)

so that's about it. if you have any ideas for my goals, please do let me know cause i have no freaking clue for them. 

any suggestions for further posts?

love you all,


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