it's seems to be one year now. i sort of missed me blogoversary. sorry. but i think that this is the celebration. like i'm posting something here, finally. (imsuchabadblogger)

there. i got it of my chest.
now the rest.

as you probably guessed i'm on holiday right now. i'm going to london next month and i'm really excited. next weeks are going to be filled with sewing, drawing, taking pictures, painting my nails and mostly dying from overheating. it's way too hot for me. i consider my cool flat and a laptop my best friends :)

last week me and my three friends, blueberry, ami and maggie met up for a project called jagasiaga. the idea is to meet up like once a month to do do-it-yourself stuff such as studding or dip dying. it was absolutely great. this time we did galaxy theme. some bleaching and acrylic paint and our shirts and shoes were finished! i'm very happy with the result. so happy that i'll post some photos and maybe how-to's on doing this stuff. what do you think?

in other news. i think that a ootd or a kind of haul is needed about summer, and stuff i wear when it's hot, good one? it would basically be like a small lookbook for a couple of days. let me know.

i can't really think of any other interesting things to tell you. i basically have a very boring life.

deal with it ;)

love you loads,


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