that's what she said

the exchange is over. so is mostly the school year. i'm grateful for both. my grades are better than last year so i'm quite happy.
no, i won't write about the sarcastically wonderful exchange because some of these students are reading and i'm bored, exhausted and bit mad because of it. i'm not sorry.

as to other stuff... it's summer, hate it like mondays. i guess even more. the sun is one of my worst enemies and i hate tanning. on saturday i was near the lake with a lot of my school friends and even though i was in shade all the time, i got tanned. to get more specific i kind of burned myself. i have no freaking idea how did this happen. but now i feel dirty all the time cause my face is darker. simply marvellous.

fashiony stuff. the mnd play was last week. i have some pictures form that and of course some sketches so if you want to see them, let me know. also this month i was planning on going to workshops from sewing but no, why should i do something fun for myself when i could have the exchange and no free time. why should i? so, basically, that didn't work. but i have some other news.
this holiday i will have a practice at a sewing studio and i'm going to be learning how to sew (obviously) and how to work with clients. i'm really excited.

yeah... i guess that's it for now. i have some more news but i want to have something to write tomorrow. guess why.

yes, i'm finally showing you the galaxy look you have been waiting for. just now i'm to tired to do anything. yeah...

see you all tomorrow,

love you (and thanks for sticking with me even though i'm a terrible blogger)


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