foxy dreams

yesterday i got my wreck this journal. if you don't know what it is you are seriously missing some important news (well, it's not really that new... anyway). look at that, magnificent.
simply magnificent, my darling.
this is fun :)
i also got my amazon package with some books. i love reading in english so it's absolutely great for me. next half of the year i'm planning to read only in english. right now i have like a dozen of new english books. and i still haven't finished the series of unfortunate events on my e-reader. nerdy summer begin :)

i also got a tumblr. again. but this time i actually post something there.
my profile picture. absolutely charming :)
just cute little things.

i have so many interesting fashiony news but i feel i should discuss it first with my friends in person. it's really weird if you find out about something important for or about your friend from his or her blog or for example facebook. i don't think it's right.

anyway. later today i'll post the photos from which i gave you sneak peak last time. enjoy.

love you,


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