let me fly

it's the beginning of may, this means that we are 4 months in 2012, and i have only 30 posts. that's mostly because of the exams (they went quite well, thank you for asking) but i won't accept it anymore. i'm back in great style. i have 3 new looks, isn't that fabulous? i had a tiring day working on those so i hope that you'll like them.

as always, photos by mint taste.
birdy dress - h&m
dark blue cardigan - h&m
dark blue stockings - h&m
brown wedges - topshop
bird necklace - h&m
carrousel  earrings - lolita
violet watch - stradivarius
bracelets & ring - my very own, 
i can't really remember where i got them
i have them for a really long time

i know this dress is a bit short but i like it anyway. besides, if i go on the seaside it won't really matter. and i love the stockings. about the shoes, they are my favourites, and they are the most comfy wedges ever! i can walk in them all day and my feet are alright. 

do you like my hair? they used to be much more carrot like but it kind of washed out. i want to renew it. what do you think?

by next week i think i'll post at least one more look. 

and now. something a bit different. what are you doing for holidays? cause i have no idea. there was a conception with me and maggie going to london for like 10 days, but we don't really have any place to sleep, and now she is in italy.

i really want to go on a cruise around northern europe or just norwegian fjords. i wound love to see that, and i don't think it's that expensive. and what is your plan for summer?

to much talking.

hope you liked it.

love you,


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  1. Absolutely brilliant blog!!! Glad I found it! You're pretty amazing! Looking forward to seeing more from you! Have a great weekend!



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