how stars shine?

hot chocolate/head mess (?) :

i'm planning on doing a big research on stars and space. it's so interesting. and beautiful.
have you seen any pictures of a supernova explosions?
it's just fantastic and somehow magical.
 why can't my room look like this anymore? why?
the lights broke. which made me mad and sad. sad mostly.
they were my age, approximately. so it was time for them to die...
 a sneak peak from my last shoot. i can't wait. but you have to... not for long.
and in the end, who is left? me, myself and i. and the nikon at least. happy?

love you all,


p.s. omg... this was really random... i'm getting back to normal.



get the london look

like, really?

locker dress - h&m
pink oversized jacket - beyond retro
stockings - topshop
brown wedges - topshop
ecobag - beyond retro
hat - h&m
apple necklace - h&m
earrings - i am and h&m
ring and bracelets - as in let me fly

that's a look that i came up with while i was in london this holidays. it's called like this cause almost everything in it is from london, but you probably figured that out yourself :)

i really like that look. as you can see there padlocks on the dress. in fact i recently bought same dress but with keys on it. isn't it fun, padlocks and keys on a dress :)

as you can probably tell, i really like that hat. today was quite chilly (can you imagine it? it's the middle of may and it's chilly, not only in the morning) and i wore it with one of my scarfs with hearts and a big 'blurry tv' jumper. it looked quite cool :)

i'm constantly a on war with my other self. it's quite exhausting so i'm not writing as much as i would like and should. sorry, i'll be better. unless you like it that way.

and now something different. have you seen the new british vogue? i love this issue. even though it's not really fashiony i like the info. there is so much about the queen and london in there that i'm absolutely in  love. you should check it out, especially the 'national treasures' shoot.

i get the topshop newsletter every other week. the most recent one was about crop tops and that they are absolutely essential for the new season. you can wear it in many ways and everywhere.
i don't agree.
it might be a bit old-fashioned but i don't like when girls show their bellies on the streets. it's maybe because i don't have the right figure for this type of clothing but i don't like it even on skinny girls. especially if they have their belly button pierced of something like that (this includes tattoos).
it's not so bad when it is on a beach or something like that but in the city it's a bit too much for me.
i don't mid it as much if they have something beneath it, but just the small top it's a bit too extravagant(?) for me.

these are my thoughts on it. what do you think about that piece of fabric (covering pretty much nothing) called a crop top?

i think i should finish here before i get too talkative.

love you all,


p.s. holidays are coming :)



let me fly

it's the beginning of may, this means that we are 4 months in 2012, and i have only 30 posts. that's mostly because of the exams (they went quite well, thank you for asking) but i won't accept it anymore. i'm back in great style. i have 3 new looks, isn't that fabulous? i had a tiring day working on those so i hope that you'll like them.

as always, photos by mint taste.
birdy dress - h&m
dark blue cardigan - h&m
dark blue stockings - h&m
brown wedges - topshop
bird necklace - h&m
carrousel  earrings - lolita
violet watch - stradivarius
bracelets & ring - my very own, 
i can't really remember where i got them
i have them for a really long time

i know this dress is a bit short but i like it anyway. besides, if i go on the seaside it won't really matter. and i love the stockings. about the shoes, they are my favourites, and they are the most comfy wedges ever! i can walk in them all day and my feet are alright. 

do you like my hair? they used to be much more carrot like but it kind of washed out. i want to renew it. what do you think?

by next week i think i'll post at least one more look. 

and now. something a bit different. what are you doing for holidays? cause i have no idea. there was a conception with me and maggie going to london for like 10 days, but we don't really have any place to sleep, and now she is in italy.

i really want to go on a cruise around northern europe or just norwegian fjords. i wound love to see that, and i don't think it's that expensive. and what is your plan for summer?

to much talking.

hope you liked it.

love you,