plague of love

hey. let's get straight to it.
yesterday i got my package from topshop. i don't think i have mentioned that here, but i ordered some clothes. 2 pairs of trousers, one with flowers on them (very trendy and very 'my-style'), a lovely lavender retro dress, tights with kisses on them xo and 3 pairs of really cool socks (you know me, crazy socks are my official attitude. these ones are with ice-cream, seashells and little easter chicks jumping out of the eggs, isn't that just the coolest thing ever? that you can have ice-cream on your socks? :)

i hate spring. well, i hate the moment when like 3/4 of my hormones tell me to do things that i am not used to at all. the worst part is when others (i mean boys meanly, no offence, just sayin' (it's not your fault, i know)) have exactly the same problem with themselves. that's particularly annoying. well, maybe annoying is too hard.
you know what i mean?

i feel strange about it, that's all. but every spring i have the same thoughts so if i were you i wouldn't pay too much attention to it.

after the exams (yes, i know it's like in every post, but right now most of my life is focused on the exams and studying so please forgive me. we'll get to fashion a bit later.) i have like a 2 weeks break or something. then i'm planning like the biggest photo-shoot i have ever made. ootd times 100. do you want to see the backstage? like the video from the set? i think that i would be possible if you want :) let me know.

this weekend i had a spring cleaning at home. my god. but now i can at least partly see what i've got :)
my rabbit, candy, is really excited for the spring. it'll get warmer and he'll have the chance to be outside. he absolutely loves clover. with all his heart.

this week i hated monday cause i really didn't want to go to school, like special no to school.

a haiku about going to school on monday:

no no no no no
no no no no no no no
no no no no no

thank you maggie for the sunshine on this lovely day :P

i hated it even more cause i couldn't afford the package for zuza. i promise i'll send it tomorrow. or... i'll give it to while you'll be here? let me know.
(i know, it's not my email but isn't that fun to read somebody's messages absolutely for free? you're a part of my life)

that's it,


p.s. the lavender dress looks so stunning with my wedges that i can't even look at it :D

p.s.s. plague of love (by katie melua, absolutely great)


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  1. :) I can't take it with me on my way back, I'm not taking any luggage... Please send it if you can. BTW you are a part of my life too, very very important part:* I can't wait to see you!!


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