daddy's girl

always have been.
will be forever.

tomorrow hopefully we are starting a new chapter. you, me and the blog. i have a brand new logo. a brand new idea. a brand new ... something at least.

from tomorrow, from 6.30 pm greenwich time, you will find my shit under this address:


without byom

i'm not om anymore.
i'm queen of rainbow. and i will shake the world!

...in the future at least ;)

here i will talk to stars.

get ready for a [small] revolution in here. it will have a brand new look.
hopefully, if everything goes well.


now i'm mad. mad at my exams, mad at my stupid un-arty school, mad at my mum, mad at my messy world. but i should have a plan. like alice.  i have to find out what i'm not, certainly.

i'm not a meat-eater.
i'm not an extrovert.
i'm not a sport-lover.
i'm not a gamer.
i'm not a heartbreaker.
i'm not a cat-lover.
i'm not a drinker.
i'm not a realiser.
i'm not a brit.
i'm not a mathematician.

i'm not normal, remember it very well. might come in handy.

i make the path.
[... ]
and don't forget the hat.

i don't want to lose my muchness.

what is the hatter with me?

i will, will.

i'm going ginger.

for now, bye. sleep is waiting to be discovered. birds fly away.

love you, hope you'll like the new look.


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