let me upgrade ya...

i forgot to scan the sketches for fairies (mnd), sorry. i didn't really have time to do that.

as you probably noticed i changed a bit the layout of my blog. and the other news is that i'm currently looking for new ideas for my logo. mint taste suggests a starry, galaxy photo. i want to work on some sketches for that. any ideas? what would you want to see?

unfortunately, i don't really have time to review any of the fw shows, i have to study and revise for my exams in the end of april. they are the most important exams in my life so far. well... i can argue here actually. the exams to high school can be close. anyway. they are quite important, so i'm really sorry that i'm not going to write here many long posts. i would really like to review something...

jacqueline is excited for new marni for h&m collection. and i can't say that i am not. there is the chance. here this collection comes out on 8th of march, women day. perfect :)
expect that, quite soon.

i still don't have the internet. love it with all my heart <3 -.-

that's it. cafe is closing. till tomorrow :*

love you,


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