15 years of high problems

existential / human kind question for tonight: in what are taller girls better than the shorter ones?

in bugs me all evening.

anybody who knows me would definitely say that i'm tall. tall.
i've been tall all my 15 years on this planet. till now i didn't know how it feels when you are the shortest person in the group.
now the boys in my class had grown and slowly (or rapidly, depends) they are getting taller than me.
i feel at least weird about it.

but i'm getting off the topic.

where was i?

oh. yes. how could i forget. high hight (good one, don't you think?)

shorter girls almost always want to be taller. why i ask?

i personally can spot any advantages of being tall.
you can't find long enough jeans in normal shops. topshop tall section, a big thanks to you.
you can't curl up cause your long legs don't fit on the chair.
you can't be comfortable in any plane, any.

you can't find a boyfriend who is taller than you. i don't know what are your criteria but i dream of having to stand on my toes to kiss him and being able to wear high heels without looking strange.


any short out there? i want to know why you are jealous of these few inches? it's not fun.

what can a taller girl do that the others can't?

i mean an average girl. not skinny. not even quite slim.

i'm really interested in that. can anyone illuminate me?

i would really appreciate that. ami? maggie? mari? zuza?

good night

love you,



  1. you could be a basketball player!! I couldn't:.( And you have beatiful long legs perfect for short skirt in which I look like a dwarf!

    1. 1. Tall guys won't tell you that you look like a dwarf
      2. "And you have beatiful long legs perfect for short skirt" I agree
      3. you haven't got this AWESOME neckache(?)

      And you're so sweet being tall!♥

  2. 1. You can reach everything without looking for chairs.
    2. If you are standing and everyone else are sitting there is a difference. In my case I'm at the same level.
    3. When you are walking at the street you can see what's going on and I can only see some backs. Then I don't see anything cause I'm lying on the street. Guess why... Someone hit me with elbow and I pass out.
    4. When you are talking to anyone he or she is talking to you and not to the air above you.
    5. Remember last bowling? Tall person can normally use bas or tram. I can't reach half of this stupids shits even when I'm jumping.
    6. You don't need heap of pillow when you try to eat a dinner with family. Or you don't need another, higher chair.
    7. You have long beautiful legs and look amazing in all skirts.
    8. And this is the most important. You need to be tall because I need someone up there who will help me and chair isn't the solution everytime <3


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